Supergirl SJW Writing Is Hurting The Show

The Supergirl show has loads of potential but SJW writing is making it hard to watch. In this video I share my views about the SJW problems with the program. What are your thoughts about the show or SJW writing in television and comics? Please share your thoughts in the comments.  

Frugal Pickups

Volume #1 In this series I will share my frugal game and comic book purchases. Please be aware that I am not endorsed by any company and I do not get anything special for sharing my finds, I simply would like to share the good deals that I find. Have you had any great game … More Frugal Pickups

Injustice 2 DLC Rant

In this video I voice my concerns with Injustice 2 and it’s DLC. Upon release this game will have 3 different purchasing options, will this hurt the games sales, is this taking advantage of the consumer? What are your thoughts? (function (window, document) { var loader = function () { var script = document.createElement(“script”), tag … More Injustice 2 DLC Rant

Do We Need Comic Books In Traditional Retail Stores?

The comic book selling market is in decline and it seems that publishers are throwing any idea against the wall to see what sticks, but are they missing the true problem? Publishers such as Marvel are changing characters almost daily in order to try to attract new readers and while in the process they are … More Do We Need Comic Books In Traditional Retail Stores?

The Henchmen’s Lounge Podcast #7

The Henchmen’s Podcast Episode #7 Click here to listen to podcast #7 In this podcast Captain Frugal and Henchmen #1 interviews special guest, Douglas Ernst. We discuss the following topics: Comic industry social media behavior, Marvel Civil War, Captain America and the social media backlash, and more. Check out Douglas Ernst’s blog: You can … More The Henchmen’s Lounge Podcast #7