Do We Need Comic Books In Traditional Retail Stores?

The comic book selling market is in decline and it seems that publishers are throwing any idea against the wall to see what sticks, but are they missing the true problem? Publishers such as Marvel are changing characters almost daily in order to try to attract new readers and while in the process they are … More Do We Need Comic Books In Traditional Retail Stores?

The Henchmen’s Lounge Podcast #5

The Henchmen’s Podcast Episode #5 In this podcast Captain Frugal, Henchman #1 discuss the following topics. The Henchmen’s Lounge Podcast #5 Fantastic Four Movie Flop Comic book Weird World #3 Batman the Killing Joke animated movie coming Flashback from the stash Robin Issues 1-100 Epic comic battles Marvel Secret Wars 1984 Issue #3 Spider-Man Vs … More The Henchmen’s Lounge Podcast #5


Fellow henchmen we are sorry to say that we are back to zero days without a loss of a henchmen. Henchmen number 234 met an untimely death. Facts are not clear at this moment but signs point to an occupational accident while transporting an acid gun for the Joker. Update: Henchmen 234 failed to stop … More Hench-tality!