Viva La [comics] Revolucion!

In my previous post, I said, let Marvel die. I don’t say that with hate, malice or any ill will. I love Marvel. I love their characters. It breaks my heart to think they could go belly up, but that’s the course they’ve locked their controls on to, full speed ahead.   So, I was … More Viva La [comics] Revolucion!

Pander Bears are an Endangered Subculture

I was thinking more about pander bears, aka SJWs this morning. They really represent a minority of a subculture; faux geek girl millennials who believe everyone deserves a sticker or trophy just because. They’re turning our beloved superheroes into unrecognizable and unreadable drek. Many are outraged at them. The SJWs are outraged at the outraged. … More Pander Bears are an Endangered Subculture