Viva La [comics] Revolucion!

In my previous post, I said, let Marvel die. I don’t say that with hate, malice or any ill will. I love Marvel. I love their characters. It breaks my heart to think they could go belly up, but that’s the course they’ve locked their controls on to, full speed ahead.   So, I was … More Viva La [comics] Revolucion!

Pander Bears are an Endangered Subculture

I was thinking more about pander bears, aka SJWs this morning. They really represent a minority of a subculture; faux geek girl millennials who believe everyone deserves a sticker or trophy just because. They’re turning our beloved superheroes into unrecognizable and unreadable drek. Many are outraged at them. The SJWs are outraged at the outraged. … More Pander Bears are an Endangered Subculture

Do We Need Comic Books In Traditional Retail Stores?

The comic book selling market is in decline and it seems that publishers are throwing any idea against the wall to see what sticks, but are they missing the true problem? Publishers such as Marvel are changing characters almost daily in order to try to attract new readers and while in the process they are … More Do We Need Comic Books In Traditional Retail Stores?


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