Pander Bears are an Endangered Subculture

I was thinking more about pander bears, aka SJWs this morning. They really represent a minority of a subculture; faux geek girl millennials who believe everyone deserves a sticker or trophy just because. They’re turning our beloved superheroes into unrecognizable and unreadable drek. Many are outraged at them. The SJWs are outraged at the outraged. … More Pander Bears are an Endangered Subculture

The problem of “Just Good Enough” and movies

Standardization is the means by which corporations make their fortunes. They take something, figure out how to mass produce it, and then sell it to the masses. Mass production gives corporations the means to make individual items cheap, and sell them for a profit. Ideally, you create a thing that’s just good enough people will … More The problem of “Just Good Enough” and movies


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Hello world!

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