The Henchmen’s Lounge is a place where people can hang out to discuss topics of interest (especially games and comics). The nice atmosphere enables people to have thoughtful discussions and yet find ways to get along if you happen disagree. We are not afraid to give our opinions on products and we will not be swayed by loudmouth comic writers that feel their views are above all others. We feel that as long as we avoid extremist intellectual suicide (e.g Ron Marz, Dan Slott…..) we can all benefit from sharing our views. Please stop in and share your story just be careful this can be a dangerous place if the heroes come.
On occasion we will provide updates on the henchmen so stop in and if you like it join our union and enjoy the benefits.

You can often find the following people here:

Captain frugal head shot for about Captain Frugal – Leaving a far-away planet of beyond normal intellect the Interstellar champion has set out to review products on a budget. CF reviews comics and games and any other item of interest that crosses his path with honest and insightful reviews. CF uses his powers to fight journalistic reviews that lack integrity in order to save you time and cash. CF is not afraid to debate topics granted you might not always agree with him (and that is fine) he always is out to help protect your time and your wallet.

Henchman # 1- No known details.

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