Rogue One: The Fandom Menace

Color  me a rogue for saying this, but Rogue One looks like the Hunger Games variant of Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking on new characters and storylines, but there’s nothing that feels like “Star Wars” in this new movie.

It appears to be taking itself way too seriously. It looks like a typical teen dystopia movie in Star Wars wrapping. It’s also a prequel of sorts. We’ll get to see Darth Vader and the Death Star. (Again with another Death Star!? Really? Yeah, I know, it’s the first one, but c’mon!) The characters look bland and grayed out. Where is the fun? Where is the adventure? Where’s the excitement? Maybe Jedi don’t crave those things, but movie fans do.

I complain because I’m a fan of the original Star Wars. I even liked the prequels, but this movie looks like a corporate cash grab to milk the fans.  As Yoda might say,  “Much greed I sense in this, like the Force Awakens before it. Beware the greed.”

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