2 Frugal: Spider-Man Maximum Carnage/Genesis Review

Maximum carnage thumb

Spider-Man is getting a new game released soon, so I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the Spider-Man games of the past. Spider-Man Maximum Carnage is not a new game and yet people are still purchasing it today. The game was published in 1994 but the retro market is surging and this game is getting more attention. The game is almost 20 years old but that does not mean it is not worth playing. I reviewed this game with my 4 year old boy “we will call him Lieutenant Frugal.

If you enjoy classic side scrolling fighters such as Final Fight of Streets of Rage, or if you are a Spider-Man fan you find that this is worth checking out. This is a fun game with fast paced action, and it will give you much more entertainment and bang for your dollar than the current train wreck of a comic that is know as the Amazing Spider-Man.

If you still have not tried this game  watch the review and it may help you to make a decision.


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