Captain Frugal Presents: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Tips Part 3

Hello Frugal Fans, I have decided to share the tips and tricks that I use to maintain a solid K/D ratio in Advanced Warfare multiplayer. I will be sharing the tips in several videos by breaking them into several sections based on skill level.

I may not be the best COD player but considering I only play a few hours a week I can say that I do pretty well. I can hold my own in a match even when the rest of the team is taking a beating. I hope that you find these tips helpful and please feel free to share your tips in the comments section.
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2 thoughts on “Captain Frugal Presents: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Tips Part 3

  1. Spray and pray..more like’t stand them boost jumping quick scooping jackasses or aim bot cheaters with no skill! ! May there gameing system explode and there controllers all break and a surfer of electrical surge frying there tv..hackers suck!!! Period


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